As per the UAE Commercial Company Law 2015 and UAE VAT Laws it is mandatory to maintain proper books of account for at least five years. To comply with the legal requirements and to compete with the businesses, it is sometimes difficult to manage the accounting activities, especially for SMEs. Hence, accounting outsourcing services could be the best option for them to choose from.

Accounting outsourcing has steadily become more and more popular in the business world for many years now. It has grown nearly 25 percent in the past five years and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

In particular, outsourcing accounting services offer a number of benefits that you’d be sore to miss. The obvious reason to consider outsourcing is the cost advantages, but there are actually a number of other benefits to consider too.

Accounts Outsourcing Service

1. Cost-Effective

We offer the most cost-effective Accounts Outsourcing in Dubai, with accounts outsourcing you save upon below costs: Outsourcing fees are generally lower than Employees Salary

  • No Hiring Cost
  • No Visa Cost
  • No Gratuity
  • No Leave Salary
  • No Air tickets
  • No Insurance Cost
  • No Accounting Software License costs
  • No Additional Consultants and supervisory Costs.

2. Time saving

You won’t have to spend time hiring and training employees. Outsourcing your accounting function is an ideal solution where it is not feasible to recruit staff to provide accounting and bookkeeping support.

3. Responsive

You have instant access to qualified Chartered Accountant who can answer any questions

4. Integrated solution

We can work with your established financial function providing a fully integrated service with no disruption to your existing department. We can even provide training to your staff on a number of issues.

5. Fraud Check

It takes continuous involvement and years of experience to figure out defects. We can help you to figure them out, backed by effective solutions.

6. High Level of Accuracy

It becomes extremely important that the reports and data generated ends with a high accuracy level. We help you in getting the same that will help you to uplift your business.

7. Focus on Core Business Activities

Business can concentrate more on their core activities and not lay stress on Accounting Systems for smooth functioning and development of the business.

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