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We offer an extensive range of finance and accounts outsourcing services. We offer services tailored to your situation so you only pay for what you need – when you need it. We’ll crunch your numbers without making you feel like a number. With the fastest-growing clientele in a variety of sectors, we are the leading choice for businesses in the UAE looking for accounting and bookkeeping services.

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Why Accuvat Chartered Accountants?


Trusted by 150+ Satisfied Clients


Professional Team of Chartered Accountants

No Contractual Commitment

No Contractual Commitments

One Stop Solution including Taxation, Compliances and Reporting

One Stop Solution including Taxation, Compliances and Reporting

Budget friendly

Budget-Friendly and Reliable Services

Advanced BI Tools

Advanced BI tools for Reporting

20+ Accounting Softwares for client-specific requirements.

Accounting Packages starting @ AED 299/- PM

Accounting Packages starting @ AED 399/- PM

Why Outsource Accounting and Bookkeeping?

Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping services allow you to get the full accounting department experience without the internal hiring process hassle and expense. You get the benefit of knowledgeable and experienced finance professionals who can take Accounting/Taxation/Compliance tasks off your plate and free up your precious time. The valuable insight we bring to the table helps guide your business decisions while you receive meaningful financial information.

Key benefits of Outsourcing include:

What Our Accounting and Bookkeeping Assignment Includes?

Our online and local bookkeeping services in the UAE will assist you with all legal obligations and meet your business requirements, by handling and maintaining your accounting activities.

Backlog Accounting Services

Accounts Supervision Services

Our Compatibility with Accounting Softwares

Our exceptional software capabilities help you take advantage of modern and cutting-edge bookkeeping software to empower your business expansion and accelerate your business growth.

Our Exclusive Packages


  • Online/Virtual Accounting by a Professional within UAE
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Accounting
  • Dedicated Accountant
  • Licensed Accounting Software included
  • VAT Return Filing
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly MIS Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliations


  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly visits at client place for accounting
  • Dedicated Accountant
  • Assigned Supervisor and auditor
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Accounting
  • Documentation as per Regulatory Requirement
  • Licensed Accounting Software included
  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Return Filing and Compliance
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly MIS Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Compliance Consultancy - ESR/UBO/AML
  • Supervision and Auditing of Accounts
  • Corporate Tax Registration and Guidance

What Do We Offer?

Accounting and bookkeeping are two functions that are crucial for every business. Simply put, bookkeeping is in charge of documenting financial transactions, whereas accounting is in charge of deciphering, classifying, analyzing, summarizing, and reporting financial data.

VAT Registration is a mandatory process for all businesses or traders who manufacture or sell goods/products. A VAT return summarizes the value of the supplies and purchases a taxable person has made during the tax period, and shows the taxable person’s VAT liability.

Professionals who are subject matter experts in the area of UAE VAT rules and regulations are known as VAT consultants. A wide range of services, including VAT registration, VAT return filing, VAT audit, VAT consultation, and more, can be offered by them. After becoming registered for VAT, a business would have to file periodical returns. All services associated with VAT regulation in the UAE are offered by VAT experts.

A firm’s internal controls, including its corporate governance and accounting procedures, are assessed via internal audits. These audits help to maintain accurate and timely financial reporting and data collection while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

In the UAE, it is required for an external entity to analyze and assess the accuracy of a firm’s financial reports and financial statements in order to ascertain whether the company gives a fair and accurate portrayal of its financial situation.

The net income or profit that corporations and other organizations make from their business is subject to corporate tax (CT), a type of direct tax. In the UAE, a new federal corporation tax (CT) system was unveiled this year but has not yet gone into effect. The UAE CT regime has been created to include best practices globally and lessen the burden of compliance on businesses.

In light of rising regulatory compliances such as Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO), Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and VAT, the importance of conducting annual audits has become more pressing. Businesses struggle to balance the demands of regulatory compliance with maintaining the validity of financial statements.

Through increased public spending in the national economy, the UAE government’s National In-Country Value (ICV) Program seeks to boost economic performance and support local and regional industries.

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You are less likely to incur below costs and outsourcing fees are generally reasonable compared to an accountant’s expenditure.

(Cost exclusions include – Hiring Costs, Visa Expenses, Gratuity, Leave Salary, Air Travel Expenses, Insurance, Accounting Software License costs, and any Additional Consultants and Supervisory Costs.)

The potential time spent on hiring and training employees is saved as our professional accountants are well trained and acquainted with the latest updates and hence can start immediately without any additional time investment.

You have instant access to qualified Chartered Accountants who can answer any business-related questions. Your competitive edge is maintained because you have a qualified professional endorsing your financial decisions.

We always use a maker and checker control on all of our assignments, minimizing the case of fraud. As it requires experience to identify flaws, we can assist you with effective solutions.

We guarantee the highest level of Data accuracy and have set up tried-and-true systems to highlight any discrepancies. This enables us to deliver 100% accurate data to our clients, allowing them to make strategic decisions.

Businesses can focus more on their core functions and less on accounting systems, allowing for more efficient operation and corporate growth.

You can always scale our services up or down based on your requirements. Since there are no restrictions or contractual obligations, you can benefit during both high and low business cycles.

We guarantee our clients uninterrupted and prompt services because of our top-notch infrastructure and productive resources. We have a highly advanced infrastructure to handle every new and latest accounting technology that emerges.

All of our team members are available in the UAE and complete tasks by traveling to the client’s locations, in contrast to other outsourcing firms where assignments are carried out from various places. With us, client comfort is increased, and service delivery is improved with enhanced security.

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